Viscount Chorum 60 Technical Information

Viscount Chorum 60 Technical InformationViscount Chorum 60 Technical Information


The Chorum 60 DLX from Viscount Organs features the latest sampled sound with 4 separately voiced organs. 38 classic organ voices plus 3 orchestral voices. Built in solid state recording device with USB interface.

Roland Integra 7Our instrument is augmented to support our blended worship with the addition of a Roland Integra 7 MIDI module.  The Roland module features their SuperNatural technology making the acoustic instruments come alive like never before.  This module contains over 6,000 samples including classical and synthesized instruments from all over the world.

Viscount Chorum 60 Organ With Roland Integra 7 MIDI SynthOur Integra module was inserted in the equipment rack so that it is not seen by the congregation during worship services.   Individual instruments – or sets of up to 16 instruments – can be accessed by setting the organ’s pistons with the correct codes.  This is easily done from the control panel at the organ and can be set up in advance or changed “on the fly” during a performance.

Viscount Chorum 60 Organ With Roland Integra 7 MIDI SynthCombining the superb classical organ samples provided by Viscount in the Chorum organ with the responsive instrument samples from the Integra 7 has added a whole new dimension to our music and worship services.

Lush string ensembles and glorious trumpets with the clear Silbermann organ samples allow us to experience the grandeur of a cathedral in our local parish church.




About the Author: M. Wayne Hare, CAGO
A Richmond native, Wayne Hare started in church music at the age of eight studying the organ and playing in churches. Wayne studied church music, organ and voice while at VCU and has continued to serve many area churches of all denominations and to study organ privately. He holds the American Guild Of Organists Service Playing Certificate as well as the AGO Colleague certification.

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