Introducing Viscount Laurel

A cost-effective solution to integrate wind-blown pipes with digital voices to create one seamless organ.

Viscount Laurel

Viscount’s new Laurel digital organ control system is based on their Physis® Technology that uses computer models to generate pipe organ voices with amazing accuracy.

While sampled organ stops can provide a very cost effective solution for a complete digital organ, they have limitations when integrated with existing or new pipes. Voicing control is limited with sampling, and the digital stops sometimes cannot be matched closely.

Physis® eliminates this limitation altogether, so that each pipe – in each rank – can be voiced precisely to complement and enhance the wind-blown pipes at a fraction of the cost of new pipes.

The applications for this technology are endless.

In many instances, the organ console wears out long before the pipe mechanism. Laurel can be incorporated into an existing console – or used to build a new console – with added stops and tonal resources using it’s internal library of over 1,200 voice models.

Modern multi-level memory and MIDI interfaces can give the organ a whole new role in modern worship, extending the functionality and retaining the current investment.

Not only can an instrument’s tonal limitations be enhanced, but acoustical limitations in “dry” rooms can be addressed, physical limitations can be eliminated, and organ stops can be added at key locations where it was once impossible to place wind-blown pipework and chests.

With the shift in worship styles, many fine pipe organs are being abandoned or destroyed. This excellent pipework can be salvaged and given new life in a modern hybrid organ, while saving a congregation thousands and thousands of dollars over a new all-pipe organ with the same number of pipe ranks.

See for yourself how a custom hybrid solution from Viscount just might make sense for your church’s next organ.

See for yourself how a custom hybrid solution from Viscount just might make sense for your church’s next organ.

About the Author: M. Wayne Hare, CAGO
A Richmond native, Wayne Hare started in church music at the age of eight studying the organ and playing in churches. Wayne studied church music, organ and voice while at VCU and has continued to serve many area churches of all denominations and to study organ privately. He holds the American Guild Of Organists Service Playing Certificate as well as the AGO Colleague certification.

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